Fall Hairstyle Inspiration

Here at Urban Betty Salon as fall and winter rolls around, we begin our search for new hair inspiration to update summer highlights with richer autumn hues! With the weather changing, so do our tresses, this also gives us a reason to try out new cuts. This year the bright emerald, peacock, and maroon colors that flooded the runways, along with the stacked sweater scarves and the structured jackets inspired our fall hair trends.


For Blondes

To update your summer blonde ask for dark blonde and light brown low lights throughout your hair. Position buttery and honey blonde shades around the front, to accent your face and neckline. This is a great transition into winter for those of you who want to gradually go darker. Warm honey tones flatter just about every skin tone and remember, deepening your hues means less maintenance.


For Brunettes

To update your already dark tresses go with a bold brunette with hints of violet-reds. This will add richness and depth to already dark hair. You have so many options when going dark and you don't ever have to settle for just one solid color or even one accent color. Besides adding red tones you can use ash and natural tones to make a cool brunette and give your hair plenty of dimension.

Whether you go for honey blonde or a rich shade of brunette, both of these colors will accent the jewel winter tones you’ll see this fall.



Most people want to grow their hair out for the colder months but for some, summer did a number on their hair and they want to get those dry, lifeless ends trimmed off. For the best of both worlds we recommend a long graduated bob. You get to play with the length and this affords you a number of options, whether it be above the shoulders, below, or anywhere in between. To top off the graduated bob you can add long classy layers, short fun layers, or for my thick haired ladies we can remove internal bulk for a soft, smooth look.

If you’re looking for something a bit bolder for fall, leading lady Jennifer Lawrence has set the Hollywood trend by trading in her long locks for a pixie. Here at Urban Betty we have had countless women come in for differing variations of pixie crops this fall. It is such a beautiful statement haircut and the styles are endless. If you're looking for something soft, think of Charlize Theron's side swept bangs. Theron’s look can be achieved by using Bumble and bumble's volumizing foam and a round brush to sweep your bangs to the side. Finish the style by polishing the ends with Bumble and bumble's Defrizz. For Jennifer Goodwin's edgier style, I recommend blowing out your locks with your hands for a styled, yet undone look and finishing up with PureOlogy Texture Twist. It's best to use a small amount, emulsify with your hands and begin texturizing your ends first. Use more if needed until you've achieved your look. This haircut is the most amazing low maintenance style for women to date!

Both of these cuts paired with a stacked scarf or one of the structured jackets seen on the runways this fall will look effortless, chic, and polished.

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