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Easing Back into A Healthy Routine After Summer Vacation

Summer is almost over and school is starting up. It's time to reset those healthy habits and get back into a good routine. Here are some tried and true tips to help you get back on track!

Make a Plan

Write it down! Schedule your workouts on your calendar and meal plan so you don’t have to scramble and make last minute bad decisions. Book classes in advance so they get priority on your calendar, and journal your meal plan and grocery list so you are organized for the week. Take a few hours on Sunday to meal prep so that you have quick and easy healthy choices available throughout your busy work week. This will set you up for success!

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Ease Back Into It

Set reasonable goals so that you don’t get overwhelmed and want to quit. It is always difficult coming back after a break and one way to sabotage your success is to try to overdo it on the first day. Pace yourself by taking a Graceful or Restorative class and build up to the higher intensity cardio classes (like Advanced, Power and Cardio Express). On top of that make sure to drink TONS of water. This helps flush toxins and reset your digestive system and will improve the way you feel and perform in class.


Get a Workout Buddy

Having a friend come to class with you is not only fun but it also keeps you accountable. Getting yourself to a workout is half the battle but knowing you are meeting a friend can make that choice a little easier. The social energy of having friends work out with you can also help you dig a little deeper to get more out of your workout.

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