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DS Partners- Balance ATX

Hey friends!

I have been so excited to share with you my experience doing acupuncture and cupping therapy with Chris Goddin at Balance ATX.

Chris reached out about trying out a treatment and I was more than willing! I have heart about acupuncture before but never tried it. Now I can’t believe I waited so long! Here’s how it went:

Before going into the appointment, I filled out a long intake form about what was going on with my body. A lot of people do these kinds of therapies for specific ailments, but I was going in just to feel good. I had also read on their website that dry needling (acupuncture) can improve sports performance by “removing muscular inhibition and soft tissue adherence”. As someone that does multiple barre and pilates workouts every week, I definitely have some chronically tight spots.

Once I got to the office, I learned about how these therapies fit into the larger umbrella of Chinese medicine. You can read about that here!

I did cupping therapy and acupuncture, neither of which I’d done before. Besides just wanting to chill out, Chris and I talked about my shoulder that had been giving me trouble and he paid extra attention to relieve pain in that area. He asked me a series of questions about my lifestyle and then did muscle testing and range of motion testing before placing the needles.

After he placed needles in my back, neck, wrists, and ankles, a heat lamp was above me and I literally laid there for 30 minutes! It was quite possibly the most relaxed I’d ever felt and yes, I did fall asleep. After 30 minutes the needles were removed and we did the cupping. Y’all- this felt amazing. Better than a massage! My back felt SO loose afterwards and continued to feel great for the next week. I can still feel how my shoulders are a bit more relaxed almost 2 weeks later.

For me this was the perfect compliment to all the movement I do on a daily basis and I can definitely see myself using it as a preventative measure going forward. If I was to get injured I would definitely turn to Balance ATX. DS values all around wellness so that you can keep doing the activities you love well into old age, and these therapies fall right in line with that.

The best part? Your first consultation with Chris is FREE!

If you’re interested in trying out a service at Balance ATX, email me at to get info on how to claim your free consult and get $40 off of your initial appointment. And let me know if you have any questions!