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Donation Meditation Charity: The Miracle Foundation

Change happens one step at a time. Meditation is like a seed. It starts small, it gradually grows, and it can affect change with the beauty it grows into. As our Dancers Shape community meets, one Sunday at a time, we slowly create the change within ourselves while benefiting a wonderful cause. Let’s meet our selected charity for January/February!

The Miracle Foundation is dedicated to empowering orphans to reach their full potential. Based in Austin, TX, the Foundation travels to India lend their time and generosity. They look to transform local orphanages into homes, train displaced women to become cherished mothers, and fund scholarships for education. In their own words: “....when you empower those with a lot of heart, you affect real change.”

The foundation helps create families out of those in need by bringing a group of children together with a mother figure. These families support each other, eat together, study together, and play together. They are provided with the basics of clean water, nutritious meals, and healthcare. Read about the Founder’s story and the other miraculous things this foundation is doing at their website.