Dancers Shape is for All Ages

Lydia Lowry is a 53 year-old client who has been attending Dancers Shape classes for a year, and has even taken on our Advanced class. She also went from never being smaller than a size 8 and is now fitting into a size 4. We often hear ladies in their 50s or 60s ask us if Dancers Shape could be for them. We sometimes hear fear in their question about it possibly being only for “20 year olds” or “how it might be too difficult” or they “might feel uncomfortable.”

We want to set the record straight: Dancers Shape is for all ages!


Lydia tells us her story:

“This body of mine is not the same one that walked into the studio a year ago. No, I’m leaner, definitely stronger, and have far more flexibility than I ever thought I could regain at the age of 53. As I get closer to the halfway mark of my fifth decade, I am finally seeing the results I’ve always dreamed of having!

As a young adult, I always wanted that “perfect body” and strived for that unrealistic goal as a dancer. Like some goals, one reaches a point where the focus shifts and other things take precedence. I moved away from Austin, got married, began a teaching career, and had two children. The Jane Fonda era was going strong by then, and I was an avid aerobics addict and attendee.Power walks tied me over during dry periods of boredom, and I tried many organized classes of various types. I lifted weights, and at one point, even worked out with an amazing trainer, still hoping to see those muscular curves in my arms and legs. For about a 15 year period, although I was active, I didn’t develop a true passion for any of it. I was not on my best physical and mental game and I desperately needed a workout of which I was passionate for.

Two years ago, I began dancing again – it was challenging, definitely calorie burning, and loads of fun. I decided that as long as I was exercising regularly, and enjoying what I was doing, I was in a good place. I needed to finally get over trying to morph myself into something I was not, and just be a woman in her fifties! One day while driving on Burnet Road, I saw the sign “DANCERS SHAPE.” The name stuck in my head and was like a mantra. I couldn’t let it go and wanted to find the Dancers Shape in me; the power, grace, and dedication that the term encompasses. My biological clock was ticking. I was not getting any younger and gravity was beginning to work on my body. I decided I had nothing to lose and I’d be a fool not to at least check out the studio.

I was initially sold the minute I walked in, met Jennifer, the owner, and learned about her background as a dancer. A couple of days later in my very first Shape class, I was convinced that I had finally found what I had been searching for, for so long! This past year has taught me so much about myself and my body, and the limitations I had put on myself in the past. We should not define ourselves by the limits of age – that is just a number!

It is an amazing workout and calorie-burner, I get a fabulous workout, I meet women who, just like me, want to walk in, work out, and know that they are doing something GOOD for their body. I love the strong sense of community and the familiar faces I see each day. When you are in a happy environment with women of like mind, it IS good for the soul, the psyche, AND OF COURSE, the body.”

-Lydia Lowry, Dancers Shape Client