Client Spotlight: Privates with Rebecca

Privates are special to me as an instructor because I get to see bodies improve. We did a quick Q&A with my private client Rebecca to see how she feels taking privates regularly. I’ve seen a huge change from the time we started working together in her quality of movement, precision, efficient movement patterns, strength and control. - Jennifer

Rebecca's Interview:

DS: What is your age?

Rebecca: I’m 52, but I feel like I’m 30 and i attribute that to exercise, clean eating and practicing gratitude.

DS: Are you new to exercise or have you always exercised?

Rebecca: I have always loved exercise. I joined my first gym when i was 15 (I think it was because a cute guy was a member at that gym) and have been a member at various gyms since then.

DS: What do you currently do for exercise?

Rebecca: I do a lot of different exercises so my body doesn’t get complacent. I love all Les Mills classes (Combat, Pump, Grit & Pound) and do about 3-4 of these classes a week. I also love going to the gym and taking my time lifting weights and listening to some great music I put together. I also practice hot yoga and pilates.

DS: How did you find Dancers Shape?

Rebecca: I live close to the studio and remember when the sign first went up and they opened. At the time I was unfamiliar with barre and was intrigued. I was really nervous to take a class because I am not a dancer, lack rhythm and feel a little clumsy sometimes. So I booked a private with Jennifer and was hooked. I began taking classes at DS and loved them.

DS: What motivated you to start privates in the first place?

Rebecca: While taking a class at DS, I saw the reformer machine and was really interested in how it worked. I had heard so many good things about pilates but knew nothing about this form of exercise. Once again I decided to book a private with Jennifer to see what this was about. I’ve been taking privates once a week for over a year now.

DS: What changes have you seen since doing regular privates?

Rebecca: In one word: progress. I am really amazed at how far I have come since my first time on the reformer, which wasn’t pretty at all. While I didn’t have much faith in myself, Jennifer saw something in me and pushed me to where I am now. And as much as I have progressed, there is so much further I can go with this type of workout. I am much stronger than when I started and feel this type of exercise really aids me in my other workouts. I feel like my posture and form is so much better when I do privates.

DS: What do you like about privates vs. group classes?

Rebecca: I love them both equally but the benefits of a private is learning the right way to move and to be pushed much further than I would push myself. There are sometimes that Jennifer asks me to do a certain exercise and I just look at her like “really?” And she just says, “Let’s go” and I do it. That gives me such a sense of pride and accomplishment.

DS: Any advice you would give to someone contemplating privates?

Rebecca: Just try it and don’t get consumed about the money. I’m not rich and used to get hung up on the price of a private. But I think of it as an investment in both my mental and physical health. Find something small in your life to give up and invest that money in your body and your future health. You won’t regret it.

DS: Do you like to make requests during your privates or do you like to see what the instructor will come up with?

Rebecca: I make a few requests but generally rely on Jennifer to come up with new challenges. The beauty of privates is the relationship you build with your teacher. It’s interesting that Jennifer and I don’t really talk during our sessions, but she really knows my body and how to push me further.

The time I spend in my private sessions with Jennifer is really the best part of my week. Because I am constantly being challenged, this is one of the few times that I don’t think of anything except the exercise I am doing. This is huge to me because my mind is always going thinking about work, things that need to be done, negative things about me, etc…. I also really love being physically challenged and doing things at my age that I never would have believed I could do.