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Bringing Autumn Indoors

Now that September is here we are all feeling the itch for "FALL" which means sweater weather, autumn soups, and snuggling up next to a hot fire and drinking tea. However, here in Central Texas we are still battling the higher temperatures, so maybe it's a bit early for boots and jeans, but that doesn't mean your home can't start feeling festive.

Here are some tips for bringing fall indoors:

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1. Use natural warm greenery with hints of warm rusts, rose and spice...

Fall leaves and pumpkins are great, but I really like the warm soft pink/rust hues that transition us to those stronger orange colors in late October. For example, try Pepper Berry, Eucalyptus, some Magnolia branches, Sage and some pretty rose tinted Hydrangea's. For something a little more green, try Eucalyptus, I especially love the smell. It's pretty, simple, and remains beautiful even when it's dried. I don't want to be totally void of color, so I chose Pepper Berry, which adds a hint of winter, but the colors remain true to the fall harvest.

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2. Have an intimate dinner at home for friends

The other thing I love about fall is having small dinners set by my fireplace. Going out is fun, but entertaining at home can be so romantic.

My entrance actually does double duty as our dining room. So with a little switch-around, I can reuse all of my pretty greenery as a table-scape. Just add a fire, or dim the lights low, light some candles, and it really sets the mood.

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3. Warm up your living spaces by adding warm-colored accessories to your home

Some ideas for must have items include:

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4. Decorate with fruit and nuts... yummy and beautiful!

Group together large arrangements of grapes, pears, plums, apricots, almonds and put them in your pretty silver or rustic bowls.

Fall is really a time for family and friends; football games, homecomings, Halloween, and other fun gatherings all leading up to the Fall finale, Thanksgiving.

So with some of these simple decorating tips you can bring "Fall" to your home even though Mother Nature may not be cooperating.


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