All About Our Sprung Wood Floors

Some of you have been asking "What work are we having done to the front studio floor?" So we thought we would take this opportunity to educate our clients about our joint conscious sprung wood floor.

So what is the difference between a sprung wood floor and a regular wood floor and why do we need it for exercise? Read on for all the details.

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What is a Sprung Wood Floor?

At first glance a sprung floor may look identical to a normal floor. However, a sprung wood floor sits approximately 3" off the ground. So if you are NOT stepping up onto a wood floor it is not sprung. A regular wood floor lays wood planks directly onto the concrete slab which offers zero give in the floor - a critical point when exercising.

A sprung wood floor, however, begins with 1" cushioned discs spaced out evenly on the slab in order to float the floor off the cement and give it bounce. Then a layer of wood and planks are built on top of the cushioned pads giving it the sprung effect - this translates to gentle impact on the joints and spine.

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Why Sprung Floors Are Better for Exercise:

Now, why do we want to exercise on it? Well, if you have ever taken a fitness class on a non-wood sprung floor, or directly on concrete, your body will let you know. Just ask our client Laura who recently tried a cardio class in her sneakers but on a concrete floor. She said "I couldn't walk the next day because my calf muscles were so sore and I developed shin splints." Ouch! And this type of joint and muscle pain is not just subject to cardio classes, even standing for periods of time on a regular wood floor instead of a sprung wood floor can make your lower back and knees ache.

So why doesn't every fitness studio offer a sprung wood floor to exercise on? Well, the cost is significantly higher than a regular wood or cork floor and the installation time can take four times as long. This specialty flooring is one of the things that makes Dancers Shape so unique. We love our clients and want to ensure we are taking the best possible care of their bodies. We appreciate everyone's patience with our adjusted schedule and will be back in full swing soon!


About the Author

Jennifer McCamish is the owner of Dancers Shape, a Pilates and barre fitness studio in Austin, Texas. A former NYC Radio City Rockette with over 30 years of dance experience and training from legendary institutes around the country, McCamish has worked or performed with many well-known celebrities, television shows and publications. Utilizing her professional knowledge and education, she created Dancers Shape, a unique approach to fitness, incorporating elements of ballet, yoga, Pilates and circuit training to efficiently build strength and muscle tone while maintaining a lean and nimble body. McCamish holds a BA in Dance from the University of Texas in Austin, Athletic Training in Injury Prevention for Dancers from Radio City Entertainment, is a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor including Injuries and Special Populations, Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer, IDEA Fitness and Wellness member, and is certified in CPR-First Aid. She is a certified instructor including injuries, special populations and golf conditioning. Read more about Jennifer.