5 Healthy Tips for Eating On-The-Go

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with work, family or life and it feels too difficult to focus on your health? Does the statement, “I don’t have time to make dinner”, apply to you? I’m guessing you’re nodding your head right now and thinking, “I have so much to do today!” Sound oh-too-familiar?

When you have a busy schedule it’s even more important to eat well so that you can strengthen your immune system. Last December I worked an average of 70 hours a week while teaching private fitness, instructing classes at Dancers Shape, and dancing 8 shows a week at ZACH Theatre. I knew that between an intense schedule, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it would be very easy to become sick. Instead, I took a pro-active approach towards my health, and I planned ahead. Many people asked me after that month, “how in the world did you do that and stay healthy”? I thought I’d share my tips in hopes this helps you during your next busy week or month!

5 Tips for Eating Healthy On-The-Go

  1. Wash, cut, and store fresh fruits and vegetables in ziplock bags so you have healthy snacks available. My favorites include fresh blueberries, carrots, celery, and cherry tomatoes. I love to pack a container of hummus along for a tasty dip for my veggies. My favorite brand of hummus is Engine 2 diet and Tom’s Tabooley because they are oil-free. I always carry bananas with me as well because they are easy and portable.
  2. Meal plan! Spend time pre-planning your meals. It will help you save time and money in the long run! I like using a weekly menu template and planning out every meal. Take into account when you may go out for meals, such as special events and dinner dates.
  3. Buy prepared meals at healthy spots such as Snap Kitchen or Whole Foods. I like the green juices and mashed sweet potatoes at Snap, and my favorites at Whole Foods include the sandwich line, salad bar and kale, avocado, red onion, and lemon salad at the raw bar.
  4. Create a “go-to” grocery list. I store a grocery list on my phone with 20 items that can create various tasty meals. Items include: blueberries, rolled-oats, black beans, sweet potatoes, kale, avocado, frozen rice and tomatoes to name a few.
  5. Pack your lunch the night before, and don’t forget to take it!

About the Author

Beverly Theodore is a Wellness Coach for Rowan Health Concepts, Instructor at Dancers Shape and is a certified personal trainer (NSCA) and Pilates instructor. She has a certification in plant-based nutrition from e-Cornell University, T. Colin Campbell Foundation. Beverly graduated from Oklahoma City University in Dance Performance and has performed in several shows on the Vegas stage as well as locally at ZACH Scott Theatre.