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3 Exercises to Spice Up This Valentine's Day

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom just in time for Valentine’s Day? Check out these three barre exercises that can make a big difference in your sex life. They will stretch and strengthen in all the right places!


1. Second Position

Stand with your feet wider than your hips and toes turned out to the corners of the room. Bend your knees as low as you can without letting your shoulders collapse forward or your tailbone stick out. Begin to dip one inch down and lift one inch up and feel the weight in your heels with light toes. With each lift, exhale and feel the area between the sits bones and pubic bone pull together and upwards. This is the pelvic floor, the most important muscle to control and extend your orgasm.


2. Thigh Dance

Kneel on both knees and hover your hips over your heels. Lift your hips up an inch as you curl your pelvis under. Lower your hips an inch as you release back to the starting position. This exercise is excellent for mobilizing the pelvis for rhythmic movement in the bedroom. Not to mention the quad strength you will gain to assist you in holding those tricky positions longer.


3. Wide Bridge

Lay on you back with your knees bent and feet wider than your hips. Allow your knees to rotate open so that your knees track over your toes. Dig your heels into the floor and lift your toes towards the ceiling. Begin to lift and lower your hips. This exercise is great for opening the hips and strengthening the glutes so that you are able to thrust comfortably.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


About the Author

Jennifer McCamish is the owner of Dancers Shape, a Pilates and barre fitness studio in Austin, Texas. A former NYC Radio City Rockette with over 30 years of dance experience and training from legendary institutes around the country, McCamish has worked or performed with many well-known celebrities, television shows and publications. Utilizing her professional knowledge and education, she created Dancers Shape, a unique approach to fitness, incorporating elements of ballet, yoga, Pilates and circuit training to efficiently build strength and muscle tone while maintaining a lean and nimble body. McCamish holds a BA in Dance from the University of Texas in Austin, Athletic Training in Injury Prevention for Dancers from Radio City Entertainment, is a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor including Injuries and Special Populations, Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer, IDEA Fitness and Wellness member, and is certified in CPR-First Aid. She is a certified instructor including injuries, special populations and golf conditioning. Read more about Jennifer.