3 Easy Nutrition Programs to Kick Start 2017!

The New Year is a great time to take a look at our habits and reset with a healthy mindset. After all the holiday sweets, drinks and snacks we feel like a reset is a great way to adjust our bad habits and set our 2017 nutrition goals! Here are some awesome local options to look into if you're trying to reset and start the year off right.


Juice Society 2-Week Reset

Starting Monday January 9th Juice Society will provide 2 weeks of (40+)plant-based recipes, daily emails with wellness tips & bonus recipes, discounts and goodies, plus one-on-one communication with their founder and certified health coach. Find out more information here!


Sugar Detox with Chelsea

We’ve worked with Chelsea before in the past & she is an amazing, supportive, holistic nutritionist. She is guiding her participants in a 14 day sugar detox starting on January 4th. This is a great base for living a healthy lifestyle without being hyper critical on yourself. The sugar detox is easy to follow and the group support is a really great kick start to the year. Find out more information here!

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Healthy On-the-Go with Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen is one of our favorites for healthy on the go options. With tons of Austin locations they make it easy to skip the drive through and opt for a clean meal. Plus keep your eyes peeled here on our blog because soon our instructors will be reviewing some of their favorite Snap meals!