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2019 R&R Challenge

SIGN UP HERE - Free R&R Challenge

We all know that the end of year hustle and bustle can produce stress and inflammation leaving you feeling depleted, bloated, injured, and ready to get back to your best self. Dancers Shape is here to help and we are excited to announce our FREE 4 week challenge for 2019 - RESET & REBALANCE (R&R) running from January 7th - February 2nd.

Dancers Shape has partnered with Certified Health Coach, Megan Adams Brown, who shares similar views on how we approach wellness. We both believe “one size doesn’t fit all” and that there should be equal focus on fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition.

For four weeks, we're going to make small changes in each area of focus - a little bit every day and every week - adding things into your diet and routine vs. taking away. This challenge is open to anyone and everyone looking for extra motivation and inspiration to move, be more mindful and eat well in the new year.

The Fitness Piece - We will gear this focus around the Dancers Shape classes but will also offer other activities for those who are not local.

  • Take 20 classes total and track your progress on our starboard

    • 12 strength classes - Shape, Graceful, Lift & Tone, Core, Athletic Conditioning, Restorative

    • 5 cardio - Spin, Split, Express, Groove & Glutes

    • 3 mindful - Yoga, Recovery, Meditation

The Mindfulness Piece - Add things that make you feel good

  • Participate in something mindful everyday

    • Practice meditation or breathing

    • Spend quality time with people who you love and support you

    • Get 7 - 9 hours of sleep/night

The Food Piece - Add more whole foods into your diet

  • Focus on adding in more nutrient-dense foods and healthy habits into your routine.

    • Get in the habit of drinking water first thing in the morning before coffee

    • Start a meal prep routine that helps you eat well all week

    • Swap processed foods for whole foods

When you sign up for the 4 week R&R, you'll get an email from us each week with what we'll be focusing on in the above three areas, plus specific things you can start implementing right away. Be sure to follow Dancers Shape on Facebook and Instagram as well as Megan Adams Brown for more daily reminders, tips and inspiration.

We want R&R to be an opportunity for you to join a supportive community to help establish new habits, a sense of balance, and solid understanding of what works best for you.

So, join us! Better yet, grab a friend and do it together - it'll make the whole thing more fun and you can hold each other accountable too.

Please share this email and the challenge sign up link with anyone else you think would like some healthy living inspiration come January. The R&R Challenge is open and FREE for everyone.

SIGN UP HERE - FREE R&R Challenge!