Lexi Beriswill

Manager & Instructor

Lexi grew up in Cedar Park, Texas where she discovered her love of dance. She completed her BFA in dance at Sam Houston State University where she was granted the 2014 Choreography Award. It was there where she was introduced to Pilates as part of the department’s curriculum. It quickly became clear that her cross training in Pilates made her feel stronger and improved her overall body awareness. Her joints felt more supported, and she stood taller.

During that time, Lexi was also working as a Therapy Tech at The Joint and Spine Center. She couldn’t help but notice that the exercises given by the PT were strikingly similar to the foundational movements in Pilates. Fascinated by this, she decided she wanted to be a part of the healing process. She got her certification from Peak Pilates and primarily taught clients who suffered from chronic back pain. Eager to know more, she continued her Pilates education with Cheryl Dunn at Core Physical Therapy and Pilates. Since then she’s had the privilege of working with dancers at Dance Institute and Art Beat Dance Center with an emphasis on balancing muscle groups to prevent injury.

Lexi encourages each of her students to take a healthy approach to their fitness goals and to exercise with intention and safe form. “When my clients walk out of Shape Method I want them to feel strong and supported. I want the rest of their daily tasks to feel more manageable because of the work they’ve done in class. I want each client to feel empowered so they can do the things they love with more ease.”