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Fay Leonard


Fay Leonard is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida with her BFA in Dance Performance, ballet concentration, and her minor in Global Studies in Education, where she was the proud recipient of several talent-based scholarships and grants. Fay began her dance training at Temple Terrace Ballet, where she has been teaching, choreographing, and performing for her hometown community for the past several years. She has not only had the joy of training under esteemed USF faculty members in Tampa, FL, but also under a diverse body of professional dancers, choreographers, and teachers in Paris, France. In addition to her training, Ms. Leonard had performed for faculty members Andrew Carroll and Paula Nuñez during her time at USF, as well as dancing professionally in her hometown with Tampa City Ballet and Brandon Ballet.

Fitness has been a part of Fay's life from an early age. As she got older, she realized that "fitness" refers to strength, stamina, and stability within the muscle fibers of the body, but also to those very same qualities within the mind. The mind and the body complement each other in so many ways, and she loves that physical fitness can lend itself so well to overall health and happiness. Fay describes herself as a warm and motivating teacher, whose goal is to help others feel confident, proud, and refreshed after every single class. Outside of teaching, you'll find her cooking, hiking, or taking dance classes. She is so excited to join a team of other strong women who are passionate about empowering people of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life on their fitness journeys!